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RMB Exchange + Invoice Issue (22/4/2019)


For those who need the Invoice for product, please ask us for the current exchange rate at around 12:30pm.

Remittances are processed on next day (working day), please pay in Ringgit before 5pm and make sure the amount is processed, we will process RMB on next working day  (GIRO Transfer is process next working day)

Our Customer service will email  Invoice to your company's e-mail address and RMB remittance will process at around 6pm on next working day 

There is no RMB remittance service on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday. Please confirm with customer service if necessary.

如您需要商品's Invoice, 请在当天中午12点半左右向我们索取当日汇率。

商品's Invoice 有2%的手续费

目前状态是当天汇款,隔天处理(工作日),所有汇款需在当天下午5点前确保金额到账,隔天6点后处理 (GIRO 是隔天到账的,将会延迟一天处理)

客服将把马币Invoice email到贵司电邮箱上,我司将在隔天6点左右进行人民币汇款。